Personalized Gifts For a New Arrival

Personalized Gifts For a New Arrival


The arrival of a newborn baby boy or girl is a massive event in any family’s life, although especially for the parents. All family members and friends will want to be part of the celebration and part of the baby’s life and whether you’re looking for baby gifts to give to the baby herself, to the parents or grandparents, or the rest of the family, there are perfect photo gifts that can be personalized with a favorite picture of the baby.

Personalized Baby Sleeping Bags

Personalized baby sleeping bags are double fleece sleeping bags that are comfortable, safe, and warm. What’s more, they can be personalized to include a photo on both sides as well as a caption or other text. This level of customization makes them a very popular choice when looking for a gift to give to any new arrival.

Photo Boxes

Photo boxes are a convenient and customized method of storing items. They can be used as keepsake boxes to store mementos or they can be used in a baby’s nursery or anywhere around the home to hold changing stuff, feeding stuff, and many other items. A variety of sizes are available and you can customize the ready-built photo box with any design or picture you like.

Canvas Print

A canvas print is a surprisingly inexpensive and very high-quality item. Mums and Dads, as well as grandparents, will love to receive a photo canvas that includes a picture of the baby or the entire family together as a unit. Sizes go from standard 30cm sizes right up to bespoke solutions that are several meters in length and you can choose the exact dimension to match the picture or crop the picture to fit the dimensions of the canvas.

Photo Montage

Sometimes, it’s difficult to pick a single photograph and when this happens, the photo montage could well be the solution that you are looking for. Choose a selection of your favorite photographs and either use software such as Microsoft Publisher to create your montage or have the canvas printing service do this bit of the job for you. This way you’re guaranteed the best-looking results.

Photo Books And Photo Albums

Photobooks and photo albums are both great ways to store and share photographs of your newborn baby. They can also both be personalized with the addition of a photograph and text on the front cover. While it’s necessary to mount your pictures in a photo album, a photo book enables you to select the images and then have them printed directly onto the pages of the book.

Photo Blocks

A photo block is created from the firm, comfortable cushion material and covered with equally comfortable, velvety cushion cover fabric. You can personalize every one of the six faces of the cube giving you a highly unique and entirely customized photo gift option that you can give to parents, grandparents, or any family member or friend. You can even add images to each of the sides and a caption to the top and bottom.

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