Best Household storage containers Set 24-Superior Glass Food Storage 2021 Review

  • Set includes: two (12 oz), 1 (21.5 oz) 1 (35oz ) two (11 oz) 1 (17.5 oz) 1 (27 oz) two (13.5 oz) 1 (21.5 oz) 1 (32 oz) lids included.
  • PREMIUM GLASS: Crafted of borosilicate transparent glass, containers tolerate fast temperature changes, in no way warping or cracking. Entirely protected to switch from freezer to oven in instants. Glass containers won’t soak up stains or smells, making it the ideal desire for acidic foods. The glossy floor continues the tastiness of meals for lengthy durations of time.
  • SAFE AND FRIENDLY: As adverse to plastic, glass is pleasant to the surroundings and free of chemicals. Hot meals can be transferred immediately to the containers, as no chemical substances will leech into the food. Lids are crafted of BPA-free plastic, making them a protected choice.
  • AIRTIGHT SEAL: A locking lid creates a hermetic seal for meal freshness. Newly innovated hinged-lids science allows the lid to flip open and shut shortly and lasts longer than these crafted of one piece. Containers are leakproof and ideal for the gym, pool, or work.
  •  (please observe lids are now not dishwasher safe.) Containers and lids are stackable and nest inner every other

Product description
FineDine Airtight Glass Food Storage Containers
As a family-run enterprise that is aware of and apprehends the significance of fast, easy, and wholesome prepping and storing, we at FineDine maintain a very excessive widespread for kitchenware. Our corporation develops outstanding glassware,  and kitchen equipment that no longer solely seem superb however makes the cooking and serving trip all the extra pleasurable.
Freezer woes begone
Safely save your ingredients and snacks in the freezer, glass in no way cracking or shattering. The hermetic seal protects your meals from freezer burn and discoloration. Enjoy the true texture and taste of homemade dishes even after a lengthy time.
Out of the cold, into the heat
From the freezer, containers can be directed toward the microwave or oven for a warm meal. After eliminating the lid, containers are secure for reheating and even baking at excessive temperatures. Glass won’t be broken from excessive heat, giving you piping warm dishes in no time.
Note: Never area lids in the oven
Glory to the table
Why trouble with plates? Containers have a basic look that will decorate any meal. Out of the oven, a region the container immediately on the desk and serve or devour proper of it. Added benefit? One much less dish to wash.
Instantly Clean
Everyone right here to eat, disappears when the time to clean? Don’t be the one left to scour and scrub. Containers and lids are extraordinarily convenient to clean. Rinse with cleaning soap and heat water, and that’s it. Or take gain of the reality that it’s dishwasher safe, deposit, and begone alongside each person else.
Party Made Perfect
Party the night time away.  And then feast via the glowing night, leftovers included from flies with the locking lids.
Dilemma Solved
Dinner’s over. Family’s scattered. Leftovers. What to do? Sigh no more. 24-piece set is certain to consist of simply the dimension you need. Snap-on hermetic lid and shop for tomorrow. Food’s so sparkling no is the wiser.
Don’t Forgo.
Away from home? Delicious meals shouldn’t be something out of reach. Stack your lunch containers in a cooler or backpack and… enjoy.